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Free Motorsport Video Cassette Conversions

    Our Free Services: Motorsport Video Cassette Conversion

    How it works: Send your videos to us, we create a digital copy, we return your original video plus a USB drive with your digital video files free of charge.

    We are currently offering a no cost video conversion service for old motorsport video cassettes. We can convert most old videos at no cost (including free return postage), provided you also allow us to use the video on our YouTube channel, Social Media and Website. On return of your videos we will also include a USB storage device containing your footage in digital files, a download link for each video will also be sent to you by email.

    We can currently convert the following formats: VHS, BetaMax, SuperVHS, MiniDV, DVCPRO along with the mini variants VHS-C and SuperVHS-C.

    Final file output is MP4 video in FullHD (1080p).

    Either PAL or NTSC is now fine for us to convert most video formats. We welcome submissions from overseas (We are based in Australia) and are still able to return these to you at no cost.

    Current turnaround time is very fast and low demand, most videos sent to us can be processed and back in the post to you within 1 week.

    Please note we are not in a position to purchase video footage or cassettes. We will always return any videos sent to us free of charge, or you can choose to donate them to us.

    Contact us below to let us know about the videos you have and we can explain further how to send us a video cassette for free conversion.

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