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Accredited Motorsport Videographer Event Coverage

    Motorsport & Car Show Video Coverage

    We are able to provide videographer services for motorsport events and some car show events.

    We can cover essentially all motorsport events and (if you require) we are both Motorsport Australia and Australian Auto-sport Alliance (AASA) accredited. If further accreditation is required for your event let us know.

    You can view our previous covers on YouTube at and our profile on

    While we can't cover all events all the time, we welcome you to contact us with your event information and future date(s), if we have the date(s) spare in our calendar we can advise if we are able to attend.

    Note that we are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but can easily cover all events across Victoria. Events outside of Victoria can also be covered depending on our availability (as multiple days need to be set aside for events outside Victoria) and accommodation (if accommodation is available and affordable, or can be provided). If your event is outside Victoria let us know and we can advise further.

    We can also cover car show events that are held both indoor and outdoor, let us know the details and event date(s) and we will get back to you.

    For event organisers, a commercial use licence for footage is available by request, full copyright transfer can also be discussed if required. The release of our final edited videos is also possible via your own website and social media, it is not limited to release via our own publications. We can also handle any post event editorial use video or still image requests from media outlets you refer to us, or create media packs which you can distribute for post event review or future promotion. Professional commentary on the final release video can also be arranged for some events.

    To contact us, please use one of the below methods:

    You can contact us on Facebook at

    Or use the form below to send us an email:

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