super sedans winton 1986

1986 Super Sedans (Sports Sedans) Racing Winton Motor Raceway, Victoria, Australia

1986 Super Sedans (Sports Sedans) Racing from Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria, Australia.

Recovered from a VHS tape and converted to digital (HDV 1080) using a new old stock VHS player and modern hardware upscaling.

If you have old motorsport videos on any type of video cassette, please feel free to contact us, we may be able to convert these to digital for you at no cost (including free return postage), provided you allow us to use the footage for our YouTube channel, social media and website.

We can currently convert VHS, BetaMax, SuperVHS, MiniDV along with the mini variants VHS-C and SuperVHS-C. PAL & NTSC are both accepted.

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