1991 Production Cars Group E Race 2 Eastern Creek

1991 Production Cars (Group E) Race 2 Eastern Creek Australian Drivers Championship

1991 Production Cars (Group E) Race 2 from the 1991 Australian Drivers Championship at Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, New South Wales. Australia.

Recovered from a VHS tape and converted to digital (HDV 1080) using a new old stock VHS player and modern hardware upscaling.

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  • Interesting to spot future category champions in a spectacular Terry Lewis & Terry Bosnjak.
    This category suffered the same problem as its forebear, Series Production 20 years prior.
    That is, factory involvement on a heavy scale. Limited run VP Commodore SS V6 and EB Falcon SS in reply. It led to the bigger cars being banned for 1993 in favour of Nissan Pulsar versus Suzuki Swift.
    I managed to be passenger with Jim Zetefos in his Falcon on a media day at Ssndown around this time, and with Murray Carter in his Pulsar a few years later. Murray may have been nudging 70-years-old but he still drove as fast as the younger lads.

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